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Saba PVC Company


SABA PVC Company as an oldest producers of PVC in Iran, established in 1966. Perennial experience, quality, and variety of products are from competitive advantages of this company. SABA PVC company with benefiting from the final technology, efficient experts and best material is unique in this industry.
Now, after half of century, variety of products are more than 160.

This generating complex’s activities are divided in 2 groups:
  • Making UPVC Pipes diameters in 63 – 250 mm, in variety of thicknesses.
  • Making UPVC Fittings diameters in 20 – 315 mm, in two thicknesses.
This company has spread sale and marketing network, with knowledge about needs of customers, is ready to answer them. Also the molding department of this complex is ready to presenting services to customer’s special needs.


upvc pipe and fittings manufacture

Acquired standards and some memberships of this company:


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? What is PVC

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) The terms PVC and vinyl are commonly used not only for polymer reference but for all materials of which polyvinyl chloride is

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Why Saba PVC products?

Unique appearance format with beautiful appearance, coordinated reinforcement rings in all joints, woody part of the adhesive part of the joints, brand and mark printing of the joints and pipes, beautiful level line on the surface of the pipe, silent design lines on the two and three joints Cobble head, inner and outer surfaces polished and shiny

Proportional price and ideal quality of products according to mass production

Products in different sizes and types according to the needs of customers and the type of application that meets all the needs of consumers and executives in the implementation of the system

Increasing the quality and comprehensive variety of products in accordance with the needs of the market is one of the daily goals and actions of the company

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