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Saba PVC Company

Saba PVC, as one of the most experienced PVC production companies in Iran, was established in 1345 by the late Hassan Ali Jantrani. He, who had started manufacturing PVC welding fittings with innovative techniques since 1340, after inventing and importing PVC injection machines into the country, established the Saba PVC production unit. With the continuous improvement and expansion of its products in the field of PVC fittings, this group also started the production of PVC pipes in 1993 to offer a complete basket of quality products. This complex in 1394 with the establishment of Saba Polymer Espadana Company under the management of Dr. Ali Gentrani, developed its activities in the form of a legal entity and built a new phase of the factory on a land area of ​​10,000 square meters and infrastructure of 6,000 square meters. The new Saba PVC factory was launched on a trial basis at the end of 1398 and was officially put into operation in May 1399.

The only manufacturer of UPS fittings

Saba PVC Manufacturing Industries is the only manufacturer of PVC fittings from 20 to 400 mm in size in Iran. These connections are produced in accordance with the standards of domestic and foreign day in different thicknesses and in the form of single coupling, double coupling and triple coupling. Also, Saba UPVC nano pipes are produced in sizes of 63 to 250 mm in different thicknesses and applications by adhesive sealing methods or push-fit. Many years of experience, continuous improvement of quality and variety of products are among the competitive advantages of this production complex. Saba PVC production factory is one of the exemplary manufacturers of this industry by using the latest technology and educated, young and efficient specialists, as well as using the best raw materials.

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